Directed by Gabriel DeLoach and Zach Keifer

This documentary follows the Baltimore post-punk band Double Dagger as they play the final shows of their farewell tour in 2011, but it also manages to tell a much larger story. Using local music historian Tim Kabara as a narrator and interviews with Dan Deacon and members of local bands such as Thank You and Future Islands, to name a few, If We Shout Loud Enough keys on what made Double Dagger one of the most beloved bands during the greatest period of Baltimore independent music: hard work, the continuing evolution of a unique sound, and an inspiring DIY spirit.

The focus is on one band and its arc, but really, the story could be about so many bands, particularly many of those that call Charm City home. Years from now, when people look to relive or discover the epoch of the Baltimore music renaissance, this will be one of the finest documents of what it was like to be here in that time and place.

Of course, it would be pointless to follow a band like Double Dagger and not capture awesome live footage. DeLoach and Keifer have a wealth of that, taking the viewer right into the heart of the sweaty, throbbing mosh pit and intercutting the footage of different performances of the same song. While the epilogue following Double Dagger's last show, at the Ottobar, feels a bit hokey, If We Shout Loud Enough is a well-crafted, thoughtful portrait of a band that fiercely loved its city and a city more than willing to give it back.


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