100 Years of City Folk

When we launched the weekly "City Folk" page eight months ago, we set out to tell stories about regular Baltimoreans-not famous ones, just regular people with a story to tell. Since then, we've written about truck-driving rappers, gambling grandmas, and Michael Jackson impersonators, among many, many others. This week, we offer our first City Folk issue: profiles of 10 Baltimoreans. To give the issue some structure, we decided to profile a 10-year-old, a 20-year-old, a 30-year-old, right up to a 100-year-old. It wasn't always easy to find subjects who fit the bill exactly-in fact, the 10-year-old turned 11 in January, and our 60-year-old turns 60 in a few weeks-but we think the subjects here, which include everyone from a budding gymnast to an ex-bullfighter, and a Hungarian refugee to a schoolmate of Cab Calloway, represent the many lives our fellow Baltimoreans have lived. Only about 600,000 more profiles to go.

100 Years of City FolkAge 10: Jaya Mandala | Age 20: Jaclyn Jones | Age 30: Andrew Syropoulos
Age 40: Samuel E. Lee Jr. | Age 50: Maureen Kramer | Age 60: Andrew Der
Age 70: James E. Locklear | Age 80: Mario Carrion | Age 90: Laura Johnson
Age 100: Lucille Brooks

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