The Sex Issue

Love seems awful treacly at this time of year, given all of the Hallmark-card and Kay Jewelers insistence upon it. But Valentine's Day began as a strange Roman holiday-Lupercalia-in which thonged young men used bloody goat entrails to whip naked women who wanted to get pregnant.

Now that's a holiday Baltimore could get behind!

So, forget love. You hold in your hands City Paper's Sex Issue, where you'll find a guide to the G spot with sex educator Jacq Jones; a profile of Kurt Lockwood, a male porn star from Dundalk; a story about two different historic First Amendment smut battles fought from a warehouse at 3300 Clipper Mill Road; and a piece on FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, which hacked Victoria's Secret's website last fall and is planning V-Day action on the National Mall.

But here at Baltimore's randiest alt-weekly, we know that sex is not only fun-it can also be horribly embarrassing. So we asked you, Baltimore, to share your own embarrassing sex stories. Most of these are anonymous, but we got a great one from Brokeass Gourmet's Gabi Moskowitz about the Great Pussy Waxing of 1999.

Elsewhere, you'll find pictures of classic French tickler machines in the bathrooms of Baltimore bars, portraits of Baltimore's Sex All-Stars, and, yes, even a few valentines.


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