Newports and Soy Lattes

Newports and Soy Lattes By D. Watkins
Newports and Soy Lattes: Donald Trump will make America hate again

Pay close attention to Donald Trump's little Hitler imitations, his hesitation to distance himself from ex-KKK leader David Duke, and how he had 30 peaceful African American students removed from one of his events a little over a week ago, and you'll see that Donald Trump's “Make America Great Again” slogan means completely removing Black Americans from the narrative of this country.

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Newports and Soy Lattes: Moe Hatten Day

This Baltimore summer is hotter than fish grease, with pain popping in every direction—cop killings in the streets, cop killings on the news, a fired commissioner, multiple marchers marching for rights we shouldn’t have to march for, double-digit homicides, and morale that’s really low all around.

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Newports and Soy Lattes: My uncle and his homeboy, Rod

The drug laws in America are more ridiculous than a Tea Party diversity rally. The fact that marijuana, a natural plant that comes from the Earth, remains illegal in most states while poisonous alcohol is available for purchase on almost every corner is beyond me. My uncle taught me the difference between the two way back in the ’90s.

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