Hey Cabbie!

Hey Cabbie! By Thaddeus Logan
Hey Cabbie: Tired of this shit

Racial issues will be America’s downfall! She has to come to grips with the issue and lean toward equality, by showing it, expressing it, and by all means demonstrating it to the people. Concrete short- and long-term goals and solutions are an absolute must, not lip service, and not the giveaway programs after the 1968 riots that were obliterated within 10 years.

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Hey Cabbie: Truck-drivin' man

Some days it can be quite difficult figuring out where and what to eat. I eat relatively healthy and from clean eateries. This is a problem in some sections of the city. Lunch is kept to a maximum of $10.

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Hey Cabbie: Rushin' Russian

My fare’s destination was the Delta terminal at BWI. As we arrived and my passenger’s luggage was being retrieved from the trunk, a lady who appeared to be desperately in need of transportation approached the cab. She needed to get to the Russian Consulate in Washington, D.C. in 30 minutes, which is highly impossible!

 We might get to the Washington, D.C.

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Hey Cabbie: New Year's Eve is a Cabbie's best friend

New Year’s Eve is always GOOD!  Cab services become hot and heavy around 9:30 p.m. and last throughout the night. People are everywhere!

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Hey Cabbie!: Gentrification Vacation

I recently attended my 50th high school reunion, the first I ever attended. It was a blast! We took out  Douglass High School’s 1963 yearbook to look back on our younger selves. “My God, how drastically we’ve changed,” I thought as we all looked at each other and laughed. “Hey, but we’re here!” someone said.

Some did extremely well for themselves while others, like me, survived modestly.

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Haves And Have Nots In Baltimore City

You would not believe the percentage of cab rides that are subsidized by the government. Some people in this city are actually penniless. Some become that way less than a week after exhausting their monthly check. Either way, the have nots are quite prevalent in Baltimore.

And what happened to cash money in our increasingly cashless system?

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