Field Tripping

Field Tripping By Kate Drabinski
The Final Field Tripping

This is my last Field Tripping column for City Paper. It has been a good run, a gift to be allowed to write every other week about another adventure in or around the Greatest City In America, for over three years. For this last turn, I'm going to take a field trip around Field Tripping, even though this column was just a hiccup in City Paper's much longer history.

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Field Tripping: Bicycling

As I'm sure you've heard, City Paper is winding down after 40 years of weekly publication. It's such a bummer in so many ways, a sign of times I don't always like very much. On a personal note, it means just a couple more columns before I'm off field tripping in obscurity. As commenter once tweeted at me upon seeing another column, "Who cares what some dyke does with her time off?"

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Field Tripping: Annapolis Floating

I've been so busy lately. If I'm being real, I've largely been busy resenting the idea of being busy, but it all feels busy nonetheless.

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Field Tripping: Shenandoah Reduxing

I love Labor Day, and not just for the three-day weekend that at this point in my life I'm finally blessed to get. Not everybody gets Labor Day off, as evidenced by the many laboring to sell us last-minute groceries, gas, fast food, and all the other sundries those with days off threw money at on that Monday.

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Field Tripping: Summer Vacationing

It's summertime, and that's the time that every family packs up and heads to the national park/beach/grandma's house, at least according to my Facebook, TV, and the cost of flying anywhere. My twin sister's summer vacation took her to the Philippines for three weeks, a 12-hour time difference that had her living in the future. It was unsettling.

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Field Tripping: Cryotheraping

My dad was really proud of how little he gave my siblings and I when we headed off to college. "All I got was a carton of cigarettes and 50 bucks," he'd chuckle, "and I made it!" I rolled my eyes at that talk, but it was what it was, and I got by pretty fine on my own with the help of a work study job, cash from my mom, and a yearly scholarship from my grandpa's American Legion branch.

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