• Savage Love: Degrading Games

    Savage Love: Degrading Games

    I am a pretty handsome gay (I have been told) and I am dating a gorgeous man. I am 34, and he is 31. I am bottom only, and he is top only—so it’s a good match. He seems sincerely interested in me and we are talking about being together. But here is the thing: He noticed that I have a rather small...

  • Snoozing Through Fascism: A slow-motion academic protest of fascism emerges after conference

    Snoozing Through Fascism: A slow-motion academic protest of fascism emerges after conference

    The great Russian-American writer Masha Gessen was standing on the stage at Bard College in New York in front of a sign that read “Crises of Democracy.” It was the name of an Oct. 12-14 conference sponsored by the Hannah Arendt Center there. "I think it's safe to say that all of us are living in...

  • Proud Boy lawyer demands alt-weeklies not call 'western chauvinist fraternity' alt-right

    Proud Boy lawyer demands alt-weeklies not call "western chauvinist fraternity" alt-right

    After last week's column, we got a cease-and-desist letter from the Proud Boys' lawyer, complaining that we described the "Western chauvinist"™ "far-right"™ "fraternity" as "alt-right." He took issue with this sentence: "'Western civilization' is often code—for people like Bannon and the alt-right...

  • The Final Field Tripping

    The Final Field Tripping

    This is my last Field Tripping column for City Paper. It has been a good run, a gift to be allowed to write every other week about another adventure in or around the Greatest City In America, for over three years. For this last turn, I'm going to take a field trip around Field Tripping, even though...

  • Savage Love: Necking

    Savage Love: Necking

    In a frank exchange early in our courtship, I told my girlfriend that I have no kinks. As a faithful reader of Savage Love, I'm obviously not opposed to kinks—but I've never had any inclinations in that direction and am probably a typical hetero vanilla. As a result, I'm damn near clueless in that...

  • Savage Love: Parental Controls

    Savage Love: Parental Controls

    My only child is 16 years old. He was curious about sex from a very young age and very open with me, so his interest in sexual matters gave me ample opportunity to talk with him about safety and consent. He went through a cross-dressing phase when he was small—mostly wanting to wear nail polish...

City Squeeze


City Squeeze: Long live City Paper

This is my last issue as City Paper's editor. After three years and two months with the paper, I resigned to take a position as director of strategic communications for the Open Society Institute–Baltimore. I'm more proud of the work we've done at City Paper than I am of anything else I've done...

Conflicts of Interest


Field Tripping


Field Tripping: Bicycling

As I'm sure you've heard, City Paper is winding down after 40 years of weekly publication. It's such a bummer in so many ways, a sign of times I don't always like very much. On a personal note, it means just a couple more columns before I'm off field tripping in obscurity. As commenter once tweeted...

Free Will Astrology


Free Will Astrology: 9/7/16

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Two seven-year-old girls showed me three tricks I could use to avoid taking myself too seriously and getting too attached to my dignity. I'm offering these tricks to you just in time for the letting-go phase of your astrological cycle. Trick #1: Speak in a made-up language...

Hey Cabbie!


Hey Cabbie: Tired of this shit

Racial issues will be America’s downfall! She has to come to grips with the issue and lean toward equality, by showing it, expressing it, and by all means demonstrating it to the people. Concrete short- and long-term goals and solutions are an absolute must, not lip service, and not the giveaway...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays


Hot Fudge Wednesdays: A rat's guide to Artscape

I gotta say, there's nothing like being a rat in Baltimore, and there's nothing like Artscape to touch a rat where it counts. When I'm not transmitting leptospirosis through my feces, I love to kick back and trash surf with the locals. This will be my second year at Artscape and therefore my last,...

It's Gianna Bitch


It's Gianna Bitch: Disney World makes me sick

Look, I get why the quarterback for the winning team at the Super Bowl yells “I’m going to Disney World” when he’s asked about what he plans to do after his big win. See, Disney World and organized sports are huge corporate entities that create recognizable brands and strong customer loyalty through...

Mr. Wrong


Mr Wrong: Enjoy the Silence

The Mr. Wrong Column has been Fired from City Paper, Baltimore's Least-Wrong Alternative Weekly. I can't complain, though, seriously, this thing has been running, on and off, since Sept. 30 of The Year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight, can you believe that? I thank—and you may thank, or blame—Mr....

No Trivia


The Undercard


Savage Love


Savage Love: Poly Wants

I'm a 25-year-old woman currently in a poly relationship with a married man roughly 20 years my senior. This has by far been the best relationship I've ever had. However, something has me a bit on edge. We went on a trip with friends to a brewery with a great restaurant. It was an amazing place,...



5 Orioles Facts and 5 Orioles Fictions

Fact: Despite all the injuries and inconsistencies, the Orioles are in first place. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Matt Wieters’ season would end in May, that 88 games into the season, J.J. Hardy would only have two homers, Chris Davis would be flirting with the Mendoza...