Paul Graziano

The boss of Baltimore Housing came to the city in October of 2000 and by December he was arrested after shouting anti-gay slurs at fellow patrons of Bertha’s Mussels. In 2004, he put on his best used car salesman voice to announce he had many vacant structures for sale as part of Project 5000—when as yet there was no inventory for sale. By 2005, amid an epidemic of house collapses, Graziano did little to repair a corrupt building inspections system until after City Paper exposed it. By 2010, facing millions in court-ordered payments to lead paint victims, Graziano said his agency could not afford to pay. In 2014, he made Baltimore the most ambitious testbed for a controversial public housing privatization scheme called the rental assistance demonstration—RAD. Long before the sex-for-repair allegations in Gilmor Homes, Graziano has been mired in scandal.

Alex Fine
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