What's up with indie rock

Local indie-pop band Other Colors marks the release of its latest, the tape Free Thoughts, with a show at Club K that includes a solo set from Austin Tally of Wing Dam on May 3. Free Thoughts features drumming from Dope Body's Dave Jacober and Horse Lords' Sam Haberman, and backing vocals from Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner on "First World Problem" and "Soft Shoulder." There's a song on there called "Feeling of Floating," and that's kind of an apt description of the songs as a whole, with their sun-baked guitars and airy pop vocals that call to mind post-acid Beach Boys and the Byrds.

Speaking of Wasner, her R&B-tinged pop project with Jon Ehrens of White Life, Dungeonesse, will release its first album on May 14 via Secretly Canadian. The early singles prove this should be pretty killer: "Drive You Crazy" is the jam.

On Monday, Dan Deacon released a video for "Konono Ripoff No. 1," a glitch-tastic affair riffing on the style of Congolese band Konono No. 1, with members of Wham City, rapper DDm, Twig Harper, the dancers from FlucT, and more. As a friend of RSTBG said on Facebook, "it's a lot like hanging out at Club Charles circa 2010 (in a good way)."

The usual author of this column, Michael Shank, has been on tour with his group Impatience Machine. They're releasing their debut EP of "atmospheric, feedback-and-electronics-laced horn jams," which you can take home and enjoy on compact disc.

Punk band Crimes has something for your vinyl collection with the recent release of the 7-inch Meatsy. The four explosive songs have been making the rounds in our offices, and they will sound pretty fantastic in your music-listening space. Drummer Jake Berry clearly put in some serious work on this one-even when Crimes tones things down a little bit, as it does on "Snakes." Dude is a force.

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