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Two years back, the fabulously wrong trio IED-IUD released a deliciously annoying CD-R that came in a handmade package wrapped in a nitrile glove. Perish the Petty Tyrants, a limited-edition, four-song EP MT6 Records put out in December, isn't as annoying but holy hell! this trio has not lost anything in the packaging or the ear-assault departments. Each CD-R comes in a homemade case cut from LP covers (Aerosmith and the Temptations here) along with a booklet culled from what seems to be a cut-up physics text and skin mags. The title track is a blast of big-bore rock while "Slugs 2: Return of the Slugs" and "My UFO Nightmare" provide a bass-heavy, bloody blade scraping along the hallway wall kind of fright. Best of all is "The Dark Clouds Below Us," a 27-minute descent into long-form psych by way of droning, pants-shitting creep. Visit MT6records.com for more.

If you go to the MT6 site to nab the IED-IUD release, drop $5 for Mike Bell's Florida, an extended dose of Dead Man-ish Neil Young electric-guitar work. And definitely download the free Space Madness comp of local psych. MT6 Records label majordomo Alex Strama is also one of the four noise conjurers hitting the Red Room at Normal's Books and Records March 2. Strama's music alter ego Newagehillbilly has kicked out a wealth of genre-shredding sounds; on this evening, Strama appears as his electric guitar-playing, electronics-hijacking self, along with Will Schorre, a sound artist and sculptor who makes-if his September 2012 untitled release on bandcamp is any indication-an intoxicatingly minimal electronic rustle that knows how to treat rhythm as texture. Rounding out the bill is an ad hoc local trio of Jeff Carey, Jesse Haas, and Dan Zink, with veteran NYC experimental composer Bob Bellerue headlining. Bellarue works with feedback circuits, field recordings, and nontraditional instruments, and while his music technically falls into the "noise" camp, it also quite frequently pushes abrasive textures into gorgeous terrain. For more information, visit redroom.org.

The Red Room kicks off a new series Feb. 26 as Jimmy Joe Roche and Tom Boram host Tape Worms, a VHS B-movie series with live performance. They've lined up Italian director Claudio Fragasso's 1984 howler Monster Dog, in which Alice Cooper battles a werewolf curse, with ex-Needle Gun-man Duncan Moore opening. Cover $1, BYOB.

Finally, Horse Lords just put out a new two-song mixtape release for their current tour with Matmos. Haven't spent much time with it yet, but the A-side, a hallucinogenic dose of rhythmic textures called "Rêve Générale Illimitée," finds the quartet moving into an almost gamelan direction. Good stuff.

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