Bangers and Thrash

•  Plenty of interesting release news this time around: Feminist hardcore punk band War on Women has signed to Boston’s Bridge Nine Records. An LP it recorded with J. Robbins is coming out early next year. Vocalist Shawna Potter says, “new songs are still fun and fast, but less raw and sound more like a studio record.” On Aug. 16, War on Women plays the Ottobar along with punk legends Propagandhi and RVIVR.

  Full of Hell recently recorded a collaboration with Japanese noise legend Merzbow. It will be included as part of its next release. And Putrisect, one of the best of a crop of excellent new heavy bands in Baltimore, will be releasing a 12-inch version of the previously digitally released “Chaos Awaits” on Cricket Cemetery in the fall.

  Holy Tongues’ LP, “Weak People,” should be out by press time on Melotov Records. On Aug. 9 at the Windup Space, as part of the second edition of a new monthly all-local band showcase, This Is Baltimore, the band celebrates the release of “Weak People.” Fill Your Boots and The Set-Up are also on the bill.

•  Local groups Multicult, Pure Junk, and Old Lines all have records coming out in late summer/early fall. Old Lines are playing a free show at the Sidebar on August 14 along with Noisem, Sleep Disorder, Jungbluth, Centuries, and Artificial Brain. The next night, you can catch Old Lines supporting “experimental punk supergroup” United Nations at the Ottobar. Sept. 8 at the Crown, Multicult plays with Roomrunner and Hive Bent.

•  Grimoire Records, responsible for the release of Black Lung’s self-titled album and other excellent and very heavy 2014 releases, is throwing a showcase at Metro Gallery with Black Lung, Cavern, Snakefeast, and Swamphög on Aug. 17. And Black Lung opens for Windhand along with All Them Witches and Barbelith at the Ottobar on Sept. 4.

•  The tail end of summer is still stacked with shows: Raw Power bring over 30 years of hardcore history to Metro Gallery Aug. 8. Wartorn and Pain also play. That same night, just around the corner, area vets The Wayward play Charm City Art Space with Gnarwhal and Pinecones. If Station North is a little too north for you, [Explosion Sound] plays the Sidebar with Cowabunga Pizza Time! and Dead End Lane. It’s a celebration of Otakon AND unorthodox punctuation.

•  On Aug. 19, you could bounce between the Big Mouth and Crimson Wave show at the Crown and seeing Doyle, who time has proven to be the coolest Misfit, at Metro Gallery with Ravagers and Enemy Insects. And I don’t actually know anything about the bands playing at the Sidebar on Aug. 21, but how could you fail to mention that Nude Massacre is playing with Lock Robster and the Unidahmer? The following night, unsung ’70s band Bang plays Metro Gallery with Satan’s Satyrs and DJ El Suprimo.

•  Hardcore Cares is a 10-hour hardcore punk fest at the Ottobar intended to bring awareness of canine abuse and dogfighting. Local acts Stout, Dead End Lane, and Backhand are playing along with a host of others. It goes down on Aug. 23 at the Ottobar. Finally, fresh off its recent release on Rise Above/Metal Blade, Iron Man plays Sidebar with Vaporizer and Corpse Light on Aug. 27.

•  September is shaping up to be pretty heavy: Hawkwind (or, at least Nik Turner’s particular version of the band) plays Metro Gallery on Sept. 8 along with Witch Mountain. New Orleans sludge-metal kings Crowbar hit the Ottobar on Sept. 15 along with Revocation, Passage Between, and more. Finally, longtime powerviolence MVPs Suppression return alongside Full of Hell, Noisem, and Triac at the Sidebar on Sept. 17.

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