What's up with dance music

Deep in the Game, the party founded by the trio of Schwarz, Mark Brown, and Cex (sometime City Paper contributor Rjyan Kidwell), will be ending its monthly residency at Club Hippo after three wildly successful years this Friday, April 5. The last regular Deep in the Game will feature guest DJ Kyle Mabson (pictured), visiting from L.A. with a unique approach to spinning popular music. Last year, Deep in the Game launched its first release as a label, a remix EP of DDm and Rye Rye's "Click Pow," and the crew's three DJs will continue working on projects together and separately in the future.

It's been a minute since Baltimore Club great DJ Say Wut left you with a dope beat to step to. But according to the man himself, his "biggest and best work" yet is almost ready. His new EP, Run Bass Hard, will be out on Body High Records this year, with a release date still pending.

One of the more promising new Club music producers in Baltimore a few years ago was DJ Lil Matic, who has recently resurfaced under a new name: Matic808. Only 22 years old, the beatmaker has recently incorporated rapping into his music and formed a group, Dem808z, with rappers Tate Kobang and Killa Kizzy. But he's still rocking the Baltimore Club and his best recent Club track is "Out This Bitch," available for download on soundcloud.com/matic808.

Rod Lee's long-awaited new Club Workout album is finally here, available both online and in several stores throughout the city: Sound Garden, Music City, Dimensions In Music, and the Downtown Locker Room Chain.

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