Schwarz, "Open Up Yr Mind - The Remixes" (Thunder Zone)

Schwarz might just be the most sincere and generous dude in music right now. The #BASED DJ/producer/evangelist wants you to see the beauty in the world around you and, perhaps more importantly, in yourself. This EP of remixes of his latest inspirational club anthem ‘Open Up Yr Mind’ demonstrates Schwarz’s unstinting inclusivity and compatibility with a variety of musical styles and sentiments. The record’s opening rap remix, featuring Memphis stalwart La Chat and Baltimore rapper and creative polymath TT The Artist, is a case in point. The more traditionally confrontational stance of La Chat’s verse—“Top down when I’m in your hood/ doin’ all the things that you wish you could”—might at first seem a misfit for the track’s naked optimism, especially in contrast to TT’s celebration of self and success. But taken together, the two verses perform a sort of dialectic of the song’s eyes-wide-open, “fuck it if it ain’t real” ethos, not to mention the promiscuity of Schwarz’s influences.

This is followed by a quartet of club remixes that together present a similar study in contrasts. Sandwiched in the middle are a couple of bonkers remixes courtesy of 333 Boyz and DJ George Costanza. The former is a louche, vertiginously druggy cut that feels like it would have fit well in Gaspar Noé’s “Enter the Void.” The latter sounds like what might have happened if your severely ADHD little brother got hold of your mixing rig and went bananas. None of this should be read as pejorative, by the way. Those two are bookended by remixes from Mike G and Byrell the Great, respectively, which, by contrast, employ a lighter, almost deferential touch. The result is a record that is all over the map, in the best possible way. 


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