Drummer Pat Wilson on touring, going solo, and how he manages to never get sick of the songs he's been playing for 20 years

It's been two years since Weezer put out an album of new music, and there are no plans for another one in sight ("No news," says drummer Pat Wilson); but a killer catalog of power-pop hits like "Buddy Holly" and "Beverly Hills," endless deep-cut gems, and a commitment to the epic rock show, inherited from their idols, KISS, ensure a fist-pumping good time when they play. They've also got some significant musical chops (if you haven't seen their spot-on studio cover of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android," Google it). All of this will be on display locally Sept. 15 when the band headlines a Charm City Music Festival lineup that also includes Stephen Marley (easily the most soulful, rootsy Marley offspring), Flogging Molly, and Eve 6 in Harbor East. We talked to Wilson to preview the show.

City Paper: What have you been up to this summer?

Pat Wilson: Just messin' around, playing shows here and there, working on music, the usual.

CP: What have the set lists been like at the shows?

PW: We try to make it the hit train, but then try to throw in some stuff that's B-side-y. Every set's a little different.

CP: I read that you recently released a solo album.

PW: I sure did, the Special Goodness. I did it all by myself here in my garage, and it was really a lot of fun.

CP: What's it sound like?

PW: It's pretty straightforward. When you do everything yourself, you kind of have to simplify all of your arrangements, so it's literally one guitar, drums, a bass, and a vocal. I really like that kinda direct sound, kinda dreamy, kinda heavy.

CP: You're 20 years into playing some of these Weezer songs, are there some that you love and some that you dread?

PW: I don't really dread playing any of them. I love playing "My Name is Jonas," a lot of the stuff off Pinkerton, I like "Holiday" off the (Blue Album), all kinds of songs.

CP: It must be fun to play that pounding drum part in "Jonas."

PW: Oh yeah, for sure.

CP: There are no songs that you're sick of, even a little?

PW: I have to say, it's not really like that. I'm surprised myself too. Maybe it's because we're just getting a little older and we're more grateful, but I just look at every show as an opportunity to have fun. I guess it's just my musician ego that's happy to be up there and shredding. I don't look at it like, "Oh, we have to play this song again." More like, "Let's make this feel really good."

CP: So, no news on a new Weezer album-what else are you working on?

PW: I'm starting another Special Goodness album, and I'm gonna release the last one, called Natural, on vinyl pretty soon, so I'm excited about that.

CP: What's the new one sounding like?

PW: I have to say, I've been really getting into this project called Boards of Canada-this beautiful, sorta atmospheric music. So I'm gonna let that influence me and try not to place a lot of boundaries on how the songs should go and just sorta let it go.

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