What Walker Teret, of Celebration and old-timey duo Walker and Jay, is listening to

1. Horse Lords: The most exciting local band I’ve seen lately, their music has a great balance of original composition and adventurous improvisation while never forgetting the cardinal rule of music: that it’s best when it SOUNDS AWESOME.

2. The Pilgrim: A lot of current bands are exploring the potential of ’70s hard rock and metal and the power of the electric guitar riff. I thought this style of music was overplayed and dull until I saw these guys doing it. Their power is in their sincerity, and it doesn’t hurt to have one of Baltimore’s best drummers.

3. Aaron Embry: This California songwriter is soon to release his first album, Tiny Prayers. If you like folk music and exceptional piano playing, you’ll want to be the first on your block to bring home this amazing and timely record.

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