City Paper Weed Issue 2015 Product Reviews: Gummy Bear OG

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We’re old enough to remember when weed strains mostly seemed like a whole bunch of bullshit and the majority of the bud we got was some stepped-on and dried-up junk. Those days are long gone and in a way, the weedie is the next, new foodie (down to the obsequious whiteness that’s followed artisanal weedheads but, um, we digress). But yeah, the availability of an endless amount of differing and high-grade strains, thanks to the slow but steady walk toward legalization, has revealed that weed highs are quite varied; there’s weed for this kind of thing or that kind of thing and turns out it isn’t just a hustle your dealer tried to pawn off on you when the weed he got you was bafflingly inconsistent. It’s like that whole thing about how we here in America only get one kind of banana but how there are many, many different kinds of bananas and if we only knew about the varying tastes we’d never eat the one banana we have access to, you know?

Gummy Bear OG doesn’t really feel like weed. It energizes you. It’s more like the denouement of an Adderall high. You’re more attentive and it wakes you up, so it’s weed that doesn’t encourage you to be unproductive. As someone who often finds it hard to wake up and leave the house, the weight of the world’s terribleness kneeling on my chest, some weed that gets you hyped is great. Smoking it is earthy but sweet, a little burnt but in a good taste-adding way, and you can’t really get too high on it. This is very social weed. You can have intense conversations and you can go out and have fun. It’s pretty much like being fairly drunk, but without the aggro qualities of drinking. It will also get your mind going; lots of all-over-the-place creative thinking. If you’re developing a project (a friend of mine cranked out a zine in time for Open Space’s Publications and Multiples Fair on this shit) or stuck in a rut creatively or emotionally, this stuff will do it. Also, if you want to go out and rage and party but want to be a stoned idiot rather than a drunk asshole, this is good for that.

Strength: 7

Nose: Sweet but more “natural” than natural; kind of like those Carolina BBQ chips

Euphoria: 9

Existential Dread: 3

Freaking Out When Crazy Person Approaches You: 6

Drink Pairing: Patrón

Music Pairing: Dan Deacon, “Gliss Riffer” or Rod Lee, “Vol. 5: The Official”

Rating: 9

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