The High Life: A weed review of Kosher Kush

It's perfect that Kosher Kush came to town just in time for Hanukkah (and Thanksgiving, but that is, obviously, always prime weed time). It won't stay lit for eight days or whatever, but it is, they claim, the first weed to actually be blessed by a rabbi. It was also blessed by High Times magazine, whose Indica Cup it won in 2010 and 2011, so this shit is righteous in more than one sense of the word.

To start with, it's a really beautiful bud, with deep orange hairs, the color of young Willie Nelson's beard, hidden behind crystalized clumps of green. It's got a piny smell, with a hint of citrus—but far more pungent and deep than either of those would suggest. It is so dank a dog would probably roll in it. When you vaporize it, the flavor is crisp but swampy, like a winter morning on the beach. 

That actually describes the effect pretty well too. It's supposed to have a super-high THC content and it hits hard, but clean. It's great weed for working or concentrated work. Rather than the scattered oh-fuck feeling of some weed, the Kosher Kush aids concentration. If you need to listen carefully to musical tracks your band might have recorded, find some of this shit. It offers focus and energy, but of a relaxed sort. It's not great for cleaning or physical work so much as it is the perfect smoke for sitting beside the fireplace on a winter night and reading or listening. It doesn't have the social inhibition, however, that think-y buds can sometimes induce.

The Deal:

Strength: 9
Nose: Pine, citrus, pheremones
Euphoria: 8
Existential Dread: 1
Energy Level: Body relaxation blends with mental exhilaration, no hard come-down.
Freaking out when crazy person approaches you on street: 1 (more from being jarred out of reverie than deeper anxiety)
Munchies: Supresses appetite with relaxed speediness
Overall Rating, Out of 5: 



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