Over the millennia, wines have become densely interwoven with Italy's regional cuisines. For Italians, arguably more than other people, wine and food are inextricable, and both constitute integral parts of life.

Italian wine, food, and spirit all promise to be on grand display at Vino Festa, a fundraiser to benefit Everyman Theatre on Saturday, April 5. Tony Foreman, whose Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group includes Cinghiale in Harbor East, will orchestrate an array of foods and wines hailing from the Alpine foothills to the heel of the Boot. Among the vinous highlights, look for new releases from Apulia's Cantine Menhir, "a modern winery that handles ancient grapes," Foreman says. Pop-up performances by nearly 30 entertainers will encompass opera, fencing, commedia-dell'arte, cabaret, and music by Baltimore's Bosley.

For Everyman artistic director Vinny Lancisi, teaming up with Foreman was a natural. Beyond the fact that theaters and restaurants often share patrons, Foreman "has a real feel for dramatic environment, for integrating dining into an event that engages his audience," says Lancisi. "And we feel the same way about theater." Foreman also notes their shared commitment to "homegrown, Baltimore-centered organizations." And both men say they wanted to create a "one-of-a-kind" event with a focus on fun, not just another gala. "Abbondanza is what it's all about," Lancisi says.

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