DIY Kitchen

DIY Kitchen: Homemade bread

Anyone who knows me knows I hate baking. I love baked goods, obviously, but I can’t deal with the amount of precision that most baking requires. I know it’s all about the science of the desired chemical reactions, which should be a cool thing to engage in. Instead it’s just kind of a drag because...

  • Oysters outside 'R' months

    Oysters outside "R" months

    So how does that old chestnut about “R” months—months with an “R” in their spelling—and oysters go? I've been thinking about this because I just accepted a job at Thames Street Oyster House. In an impromptu poll of fellow barflies, folks were split pretty evenly into thirds of: “ONLY eat oysters...

  • DIY Kitchen

    DIY Kitchen

    Pros: A blind chimp could make it.