Shareef's Grill and House Of Wraps has a line out the door for good reason

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The guy across the counter yells “Salmon platter, rotisserie wings,” as he bags up another order. The line is almost out the door, and people are still walking up to Shareef’s Grill: House of Wraps, located on the corner of West Franklin and North Carey.

We heard about Shareef’s from a neighbor who raved about its food truck, which occasionally stops near City Hall during lunch hours. Shareef’s serves halal products in satisfying portions. The menu is a collection of platters, wraps, soups, and salads, along with a host of sweet treats including cakes, cookies, pies, and bear claws.

For starters, we ordered the rotisserie wings ($1.25 each) which you can see roasting in a large glass oven across from the lobby area. “Better get them before they’re gone,” the owner, Ronnie “Shareef” Faulcon, tells us. The wings sell out often, and we could understand why: They were still juicy on the inside, and were generously coated in mild-flavored herbs and spices—we could taste basil, garlic, and black and cayenne peppers—with a bit of a kick.

For entrees, we enjoyed the barbecue lamb served with a yellow Spanish rice ($12). The lamb was tender, tossed with sauteed onions, crisp red and green peppers, and a thick, sweet barbecue sauce. We also had to taste a wrap that a waiting patron recommended as a personal favorite. The wrap was filled with baked salmon, shrimp, lightly sauteed broccoli, onions, peppers,yellow rice, and a light creamy sauce, all rolled into a warm, smooth, wheat wrap ($11). It proved why Shareef’s is the house of wraps: The wrap was soft, the filling was well seasoned, and the light sauce tied the flavors together. We topped off our meal with a incredible house-made strawberry lemonade ($2.50), which was super refreshing and sweet.

Shareef’s has two locations in Baltimore City and a food truck, whose weekly schedule can be found online. 

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