Ocean City boardwalk favorite Fractured Prune comes to Towson

City Paper

When word first got out that the Ocean City boardwalk favorite, Fractured Prune Doughnuts, was bringing a location to Towson, our first thought was how awesome it would be to have some cheaper drunk food available. Alas, although it’s located about a three-minute walk from the hub of Towson’s college bars, the shop is only open 7 a.m.-9 p.m., missing out on a major opportunity to corner that drunk-college-kids market.

All of Fractured Prune’s doughnuts are made to order and get out of the deep fryer less than a minute before they’re served to you. There are 15 doughnuts on its menu ($1.69), but you can also create one of your own using the 16 glazes and 15 toppings it offers. The first doughnut we tried was called the Carnival (honey glaze and rainbow sprinkles). The doughnut didn’t make you feel Tilt-A-Whirl dizzy or roller-coaster giddy, but had a great taste that highlighted the honey glaze. If you are looking for a more basic flavor, get that or the O.C. Sand (honey glaze and cinnamon sugar).

We also tried the S’more (marshmallow glaze, graham crackers, and mini chocolate chips). The heat of the doughnut continuously melted the mini chocolate chips to make a secondary glaze, which we thought was a great touch. Even with the thickness of the toppings, it still had that campfire sense that everything s’more-flavored should have, minus the wooden stick flavor.

The best doughnut we got was one we created. There isn’t a food that doesn’t go well with bacon, so when we saw it listed as one of the possible toppings, we had to get it on a doughnut. We thought the maple glaze would pair well with it, and it did. Every delicious bite was better than the last as it took on a French toast kind of taste with the maple glaze. We definitely recommend Fractured Prune’s doughnuts, but we still wish we were drunk on a beach eating them, not sitting in the cold in Towson.

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