The home base and retail outlet of the burgeoning Tanner's Pickles empire

Tanner's Pickles

2724 Remington Ave., (410) 243-2444,

Remington is booming for real now because it contains the home base and retail outlet of the burgeoning Tanner's Pickles empire, products of which are available citywide, most recently announced as part of a five-flight whiskey-and-picklebacks pairing at the new Gold Bar entertainment spot in Station North. Apparently owing to city regulations, in order to use the small building as a pickle factory, a storefront was required, much to the delight of the pickle-chuggers of Baltimore. Offerings within Tanner's Remington pickle palace are a success, thanks to the highly catholic and exploratory approach to the brine the cucumbers rest in, the result being products such as "Old Bay and Onion," "Lemongrass Garlic Dill," and "Ghost Chili Bread and Butter" pickles. If you're not in the mood for a pickle-tickle, the Tanner's brining bunker also vends various and sundry locally-or at least regionally-produced comestibles such as jerky from Mobtown Meat Snacks, ice cream from Oliver Speck's, Salazon chocolates, and kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut from Baltimore's HEX Ferments. There's a mix-and-match pickle bar on the premises, but we brought home whole containers for sampling, some in room-temp 486-gram (a little over a half-quart) mason jars lining the walls of the store ($6 for one, $11 for two, $16 for three, $21 for four), and some "fresh pack" items in quart-sized plastic containers kept refrigerated. From behind the spartan Tanner's counter, our new pickle-pal Rusty Haynie explained the difference between "fresh" and "canned" pickles, but the takeaway is they all keep for at least six months in the fridge, which shouldn't be a problem. We grabbed the "Bread and Butter," "Chipotle Garlic Dill" (our fave), "Lemongrass Garlic Dill," "Spicy Garlic Dill," and the "Zesty Garlic Dill Green Beans" (all between $5-$6 each)-which we highly recommend for your next Bloody Mary project-and went home for a pickle party. The snap and crunchiness of the Tanner's pickled products sampled is crisply superior, each variety more than delivering as promised, alternately and deliciously and addictively salty, tangy, sweet, and spicy, as the labels proclaim. Pickle power.

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