Chef Mac serves up Cajun cuisine at the Artist's Palate food truck

City Paper

Once the chef of the now-closed restaurant Chef Mac’s and All that Blues, Maclonza Lee has taken his Cajun food to the streets in the Artist’s Palate food truck. During the truck’s most recent visit to the corner of Monument and Calvert, we decided to try out the barbecue shrimp ($12), seven large, chubby shrimp with slices of red pepper, both coated in barbecue sauce, on a bed of either rice or greens (we opted for the greens). The barbecue sauce had just enough sweetness to not be cloying and had a nice afterkick of spice. The red bell pepper slices taste fresh and weren’t over cooked, and made for a nice complement to the perfectly sauteed shrimp. We wish we had opted for the rice instead of the greens, though—the greens were sort of drowning in the excess of barbecue sauce, and rice would have been a good way to sop it all up. We also ordered a side of yams ($4), although “dessert” might be a better description than “side”: The warm slices of yams, cooked all the way through without being mushy, were dripping in a sweet gooey cinnamon sauce.

Our co-worker ordered the oyster po’boy ($13) and reported that the oysters were properly crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside, and the tomato was surprisingly good. The sauce had a Roquefort quality not usually associated with oysters and the whole sub was sloppier eating than it needed to be, but overall, it made for a nice sandwich.

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