Banana House has full breakfast all day with some Korean options as well

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The blocks around 25th and Greenmount can be a little drab, so we were pleased when Banana House opened at tha

The blocks around 25th Street and Greenmount Avenue can be a little drab with all of the closed produce shops and liquor stores, which made the bright yellow awning that popped up at that busy corner about three months ago stand out even more. We were especially excited to see the sign that read "breakfast all day." While there are numerous fried chicken joints around the Barclay area, there are sadly few that serve a good breakfast beyond the nearby Pete's Grille and New Wyman Park Restaurant, which can get pretty packed during the week if you're looking for a breakfast to go.

One too-bright morning when we were feeling particuarly hungover, we decided to give the Banana House a shot, and found that the interior is as bright and poppy as the awning. Banana House sports a full breakfast menu, including omelets (starting at $4.99) and sides (starting at $1.89) such as french fries as well as assorted breakfast sandwiches. You can tell a lot about a breakfast place from its pancakes, so we opted for the traditional pancakes and sausage ($5.99), which did not disappoint. The pancakes were fluffy and far from the dense cakes you might get at a diner. There were three of them stacked up with two turkey sausage patties, which were pretty standard—not house-made, but at least they weren't too greasy. The dish usually comes with one egg on the side, but we decided to pass on that, though the sunny-side-up eggs we spotted on other people's plates looked pretty appetizing. We asked about the waffles on the menu, but were told, sadly, that they were of the frozen variety, so we passed. Banana House is Korean-run, so the pretty extensive menu also includes staples such as bulgogi ($6.99) and ramen with egg ($4.99). A regular, who looked like one of the many construction workers who visit the House on their way to a job, told us his favorite was the banana French toast ($6.49), so we put that on our list of dishes that we want to try when we return.

Banana House, 441 E. 25th St., (410) 235-0635

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