Best Weird 4/20 Metal Moment: Jera at The Bun Shop

22 Light St., (410) 982-0147,

Sipping beers they brought and nibbling on pastries they bought, a sizable group of 20-somethings stood around waiting, most of them wearing various shades of black and then, what the fuck? All of a sudden there are skulls and incense and candles on top of all the amps and equipment and possibly some dead things (and we wanna say a bear rug, if memory serves us) and bright lights. By the way, this writer was actually stone-cold sober. Three almost-shirtless long-haired dudes appeared with their battle axe guitars and their backs toward the audience, facing the drummer (also shirtless), his arms/drumsticks raised as if to summon them, or some demons, before ripping our eardrums to shreds in the downtown Bun Shop.

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