Best Promoter: Qué Pequeño

Musician (one half of Melanin Free), DJ (as Station North Sadboi), videographer, and writer Qué Pequeño had, in the months leading up to the shuttering of the Bell Foundry, taken over booking shows in the basement, which was renamed You Know T.F. Where. The shows—and the Bell in general—had become actively inclusive. A show right after Trump’s election—one of the last and a particularly memorable one—featured, among others, rapper JPEGMAFIA and poet Maya Martinez. At the same  time, mind you, Pequeño was organizing plenty of aboveground shows at the Crown and E.M.P.  Collective. “Many people that have been deemed irrelevant to society we had over to our space,” Pequeño told City Paper of the Bell Foundry last year. “The space became more safe for black people—not just black artists but black people—they came to get away from the bullshit.” He’s continued that approach at shows at the Crown and E.M.P.—moreso than usual post-Bell—and occasionally, if you know or ask the right people, at the rare underground show still too.

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