Best Movie Mixologist: Ginny Lawhorn

Landmark Theatres Harbor East, 645 S. President St., (410) 244-6636,

Landmark was one of the first movie theaters in the area to serve booze, but the concept has since proliferated. Even with these new competitors, Landmark still has the advantage thanks to bartender Ginny Lawhorn. A winner of several past Best Bartender awards, Lawhorn plans her cocktail menu around a blockbuster playing at the theater. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” got a series of drinks including the bourbon-based The Dark Side, and when the theater featured the last Harry Potter film, Lawhorn used her wizard skills to create a cocktail for each book. We managed to slide up to the bar to try her Brothers cocktail, made with Pig’s Nose blended scotch whisky, Aztec Chocolate bitters, and Coke, for “Logan Lucky” and ended up staying for two. Our conclusion? We would rather order a few rounds of Lawhorn’s cocktails than sit through some of the actual movies.

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