Best Irish Bar: Ó Flynn’s Crab & Cask House

3432 S. Hanover St., (410) 355-9040,

You would be hard pressed to find another “Irish” bar in Baltimore that regularly pumps Irish Republican Army protest songs through its speakers and has painted on its outside wall “You are now entering Free Brooklyn,” an homage to the original version in the Bogside neighborhood in Derry, Northern Ireland. Ó Flynn’s has worked hard to welcome everyone and keep out the more racist element sometimes associated with the Irish bar culture. Also, you can get a pile of crabs and a pitcher of beer for the price of a couple of appetizers at some downtown restaurant. Ó Flynn’s also features live music—Irish and folk, of course—and regularly hosts fundraisers. And, oh yeah, we have yet to have a better Guinness pour in Baltimore. So there’s that too.

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