Best DJ: All Of Y’all

Ok, like the Best Neighborhood category, we’re cheating a little here. But there are lots of great DJs in the city and they’re often doing very different things in different venues and to lump them all together in order to pick the Best one seems well, unwise. The same could be said of nearly every category in this whole issue, but there’s something to say about the accumulation, collectively, of all of these DJ nights, residencies, stellar sets opening for some big name out-of-town act, and the radio DJs we love (Porkchop on 92Q and Neil Mattei on WEAA come to mind) as well. It add up to one of the strongest and best dance music scenes out there. Not long before this issue went to press, we hung out with a friend who used to book shows and who now is in New York doing different work and within moments of stepping into Friday Night Magic at the Crown—a stuttering remix of the um, “The X-Files” theme playing—we both, good friends, now in our thirties, felt both very old (which is a good thing) and still with it and alive.

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