Best Bar For Arthur Russell Fans: Diskobar

911 N. Charles St., (443) 878-5448,

Among the images displayed prominently at Diskobar, the dance music-themed bar underneath of Kumari in Mount Vernon, is a photo of Arthur Russell, the cello-playing, avant-garde-leaning disco innovator. You can see Russell’s face when you walk by Diskobar, and for a certain kind of person, this will be enough to pull them inside: Here is a place for a certain kind of music afficianado to feel at home. Also in neon, behind the bar, some lyrics from ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.’ But Diskobar, isn’t a dance club, it’s a bar, and a relatively tiny or intimate one at that, and so it’s a place to drink and listen and dance a little bit but mostly a spot that intends to make dance music not just gettin’-drunk party music. And given Baltimore’s deep house music and club music history, it fits right in.

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