Best White Guy: Ryan Dorsey

That Commissioner Davis, the FOP, and every right-wing ding-dong on Twitter seems to dislike 3rd District Councilman Ryan Dorsey so much only make us like him more. Whether it’s backing the right bills—$15 minimum wage hike—or coming out against the dumbest bills—mandatory minimums—Dorsey knows the deal and isn’t afraid to mix it up, calling out the white supremacy of Kevin Plank’s white city Port Covington or straight up clowning the commish about putting more people in jail via mandatory minimums as he claims we can’t “incarcerate our way out of this,” demanding a straight “yes” or “no” answer from Davis (he never got one), and generally pushing the conversation as far as he can. It’s all a good use of his white dude-ness; he goes as far as he can because he knows he can get away with it. And Dorsey, well, feels like a City Paper kind of politician. Which is to say, he’s a clever, loudmouthed idealist who tries to throw his weight around to push the conversation and get things done.

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