Best Voice: Marc Steiner

So there is just no way for us to be objective here because Marc Steiner is a longtime friend to City Paper and an occasional collaborator. But still, his effect on local progressive media in this city is unmatched. He was instrumental in making WYPR a compelling station and it has been mostly tedious to entirely snooze-worthy local programming since Steiner left in 2008 and moved over to WEAA. And already the changes at WEAA since his departure have made it a muddled, confused station. Steiner’s show was one of the few places where you could hear actual Baltimore residents call in and speak their mind on whatever hot topic of the day. It was a long-running progressive voice, and while Steiner has been pretty adamant about the fact that he’s not really going anywhere—he’s got a few irons in the fire—it doesn’t feel the same without his voice on the radio each weekday morning, even if a weekly podcast remains.

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