Best Use Of A City Paper Box: Distributing Drugs

OK, so we won’t tell you where it is, and maybe if this wasn’t our last Best Of and we weren’t dead so soon, we wouldn’t even reveal this at all or give anybody ideas, but fuck it: There’s a box somewhere in the city that has been cut from the pole it was tied to and is being used as a drop-off point for dealers and buyers, with a buyer walking by, dropping the money into the box and then the dealer dropping drugs off in the box and the buyer scooping it up and repeat, all damn day, much to the frustration of business owners and residents. But we got to admit it: We’re very entertained. Even more ambitious, dealers apparently pick up the box and transport it up and down the street, which is pretty outrageous though innovative. There’ll be a couple hundred of these boxes abandoned pretty soon, probably, so put them to good use—just saying.

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