Best Thing We Miss That Faded Away Quietly: Booze News

Last fall, after three years of constant reporting on the Liquor Board, the Community Law Center’s “Booze News” blog saw its Abell Foundation grant end. An online fundraiser generated a quick $10,000, and the blog, helmed by Becky Lundberg Witt, soldiered on into 2017 with regular dispatches from City Hall’s Room 215. Alas, the last post was in April. “I haven’t made a big announcement or anything,” says Lundberg Witt. “But I felt like it was time to end the project, for a few different reasons. One, I’ve been doing it for four straight years, and there’s only so much time a person can spend in Room 215. Two, our legal staff has shrunk significantly—it’s basically just me and a half time attorney—and we don’t have the time to devote to it. Three, the issues with the Liquor Board are so much deeper than what happens in plain view at public hearings, and I really didn’t have time to do that topic justice.”

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