Best Politician: Brandon M. Scott

The 2nd District City Councilman, first elected in 2011, continues to strike a near-perfect balance between idealism and practical work. As vice chair of the Public Safety Committee, Scott has long demanded data and honest answers from a police department that too few Baltimoreans trust. But he has never demonized the department, its officers, or its union the way some activists have—even when plenty of cops seemed to act like demons. Scott introduced resolutions to take down Confederate monuments, got a long-fought-for restaurant grading system online, and works constantly for education and health opportunities as part of the fight against the city’s burgeoning violent crime rate. He has long mentored young people and encouraged others to do the same. He’s proud of the Port Covington deal—of which a lot of activists are skeptical—but Scott can thoughtfully defend everything he does, and in a way that sometimes convinces his opponents. Textbook Best Politician. Scott sporting a Colin Kaepernick jersey at a council meeting a few months back is just a bonus.

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