Best Gang: Gun Trace Task Force

Called “1930s-style gangsters” by Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, the seven Baltimore Police officers federally indicted in March for allegedly stealing drugs and money from both suspects and law-abiding citizens, while also committing massive overtime fraud, marked the latest in a long string of department scandals. An eighth member, Sgt. Thomas Allers, was indicted in August, leaving only one known member of the squad untouched by federal charges. Sgt. Wayne E. Jenkins and Detectives Jemell L. Rayam, Daniel T. Hersl, Evodio Hendrix, Momodu Gondo, Maurice Ward, and Marcus Taylor face decades in prison. Ward and Hendrix have already pleaded guilty, and a superseding indictment alleges that Jenkins robbed a stripper in Baltimore County. Classy! Here’s your plaque!

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