Best Frontliners: 300 Gangstas

During the uprising, plenty scoffed at the idea of unity among gang members, but out of the gang truce came 300 Gangstas, a coalition of community organizers and reformed gang members who have spent the past couple years, and especially this year, putting in massive work in the community. They visit schools and talk violence from a perspective that students feel rather than just understand, they frequently feed the homeless, they gave a whole bunch of turkeys away on Thanksgiving, they made appearances at anti-police brutality events, and they were a major part, in conjunction with Out 4 Justice, of the Baltimore Ceasefire by offering protection and insight into what it’s like to be incarcerated. Members PFK Boom, Big Wolfe, Bonez300, and others were also present at Tent City, collaborating to help its tenants and offer security over night—they’re everywhere, really, committed to change.

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