Best URL and IRL Browsing: Normal’s Books & Records

425 E. 31st St., (410) 243-6888,

Normal’s is an institution, the kind of book and record store you’d be wise to stop by every few days to see what they’ve got in lately. And there is a special energy to the place on, say, a Saturday, when it’s fairly full of people and the music’s playing loud. All of which means it is also, like so many stalwart Baltimore institutions, something you can take for granted. One way to keep reminding you of what Normal’s has to offer is its Instagram, @NormalsBooks, which regularly fires off photos of interesting books and records they’ve just got in, which are just fun to look at—holy shit, an original Fela LP, Albert Brooks’ “A Star Is Bought,” a first printing of Jean Genet’s “Querelle”—and also fun to, well, race over there and purchase.

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