Best Shea Butter Mixes: Be More Luxe

There are lots of places online where you can buy high-quality, sweet-smelling shea butter mixes to keep you smooth and supple. The problem is, when you order stuff online, you have to plan it out just right so that you have the new product in your hands before the old stuff runs out. That’s why we were thrilled when we first stumbled onto Be More Luxe’s products at Dovecote Cafe in Reservoir Hill. We’d stop for coffee and a scone, and grab some of the stuff, which includes a selection of smells like a summery orange or cozy vanilla scent. Prices start at just $4 and, like we said, they’re local (also sold at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market) so no shipping and handling fee. Be More Luxe also offers other self-care goodies like bath soaks, bath bombs, and soaps.

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