Best Records: The Sound Garden

1616 Thames St., (410) 563-9011,

The Sound Garden continued to serve listeners looking for 12-inches and noise-only releases even amid the CD boom and subsequent cratering of physical music sales—before “vinyl” became such a big deal again—but it has, over the past five or so years, stretched its record section into easily the most robust in Baltimore. It now occupies a sizable portion of their Fells Point store—a store within a store, pretty much. And it’s good for those buying their first records or just looking for the classics and for down-in-it dweebs too. On a recent trip we left with Hole’s “Live Through This,” Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter,” Eric Dolphy’s “Iron Man,” a Theo Parrish single, and some German techno thing from Rainer Werner Bassfinder with a photo of a dude in a leather jacket near a urinal with his dick out. A nonsensical collection of stuff for anybody other than us and where our listening habits are right now, but hey, that’s kind of the point, and only the Sound Garden offers up such a multitudinous collection.

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