Best Customer Service: Sugar

1001 W. 36th St., (410) 467-2632,

Yes, we’ve given Sugar Best Ofs before—and in our Readers’ Poll last year they beat out “the internet” for best sex shop—but this is our (last) Best Of and we do what we want. Plus, Sugar is consistently great at offering sex-positive toys, books, lube, and more—ranging from products that are super advanced and pricey to things that suit those of us with a more modest budget, but are all good and safe for your body; none of those gross, cheap and, yes, we’ve learned, unsafe toys you might find at your typical porn shop. Sugar is a gem because you don’t have to wade through some of the gross, male-centric stuff you find in other places to get what you need. On the contrary, the store is inviting and friendly and the salespeople are unobtrusive and helpful. They are also willing to talk to you for an hour straight if you want and need that, offering advice and resources outside the store too.

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