Best Curated Records: Baby’s On Fire

1010 Morton St., (443) 885-9892,

Named after a Brian Eno song—which hey, points already—Baby’s On Fire is niche but never snobby, and with a brightly-colored interior, it’s inviting. The snobby record dick approach is dying thankfully anyways, but Baby’s On Fire—and we mean this in a good way—looks and feels like a movie set designer’s idea of  a record store rather than an IRL record store. On a trip not too long ago, we grabbed a Holger Czukay record, “On The Way To The Peak Of Normal,” and co-owner and record buyer David Koslowski then piled a stack of other weird German electronic stuff that was more obscure than Czukay in our hands and told us to check out the Jah Wobble and Czukay collaboration (they didn’t have it, but if they did he’d hit us up)—not on some pissing contest record nerd shit, but because he really cared. We ended up putting some of Koslowski’s recommendations back, but only because we found a whole bunch of other stuff we felt like we couldn’t leave without. Baby’s On Fire’s collection is small but intentional and open-eared—ideal for browsing and finding something you haven’t heard before, which is especially fun when you’re jacked up on coffee and good conversation.

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