Best Wonton Container Full of PBR: The Local Oyster

520 Park Ave., (844) 748-2534,

Thirty-two ounces of Boh or PBR all at once in Baltimore is easily available—over at Charles Village Pub they’ll give you 32 ounces of Boh in a dumb-awesome plastic cup that you can keep—but Mount Vernon Marketplace’s The Local Oyster gives it to you for $7.50 in a clear plastic container that’s pretty much a wonton soup carry-out container, a particularly unwieldy and properly unsophisticated way to get very drunk very fast. During Maryland Film Festival, we were entertaining some fancypants New York sorts who of course wanted a crab cake, so we went to the market after a screening of “Beach Rats,” and everybody got their crab cake. Meanwhile, we sat there devouring beer out of the container feeling like peak Baltimore trash amid the bougie film buffs and marketplace.

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