Best Lunch Spot: Chick P City

202 W. Read St., (410) 244-7009,

Chick P City, in the former Piccadelli’s on Read Street,  specializes in Middle Eastern street food like falafel, hummus and various shwarmas.  Drinks are in the glass-fronted case: Coke products, water, Monster Energy, etc. They’ve got Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Mocha for $2.29. The Hummus Platter with your choice of beef or chicken shawarma ($10.95 each) or lamb shawarma ($12.50) is a beautiful thing. Comes on a plate with a loosely wrapped bunch of quartered pitas. Nothing fancy but it’s enough lunch for two people if you’ve not been working a jackhammer or something all morning. The hummus is creamy and sweet, the shredded lamb beautifully cooked. The pita bread is just so-so; if it were served warm it would be perfect. The dipping sauce is fiery, but comes in its own side container so you can dip judiciously if super hot stuff isn’t your thing. Even a little adds a lot to each bite.

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