Best Food Court: R. House

301 W. 29th St., (443) 347-3570,

So the big mediocre food hall over in Remington? It’s essentially a glorified food court (not that there’s anything wrong with that): A large open room with big inviting windows, food stalls up against its walls, and tables, booths, and a bar dominating most of the floor space. Sure, it’s in a style that’s a touch more upscale than a mall food court thanks to the polished concrete and wooden beams but it’s a fucking food court—especially when you put it next to the far more compelling Mount Vernon Marketplace. Some of y’all swear by this place but the food is mostly weak and way overpriced, and we’ve all been duped by its bougie “incubator” rhetoric: BLK//SUGAR is already gone, Ground & Griddled owner Dave Sherman closed his other non-R. House endeavor Café Cito, and as we’ve noted before, two stands are owned by the same guy, Alex Janian, whose brother Chris had something or other to do with working on R. House. Fuck this place, just go to the mall.

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