Best White Whine: The Potomac Street Bike Lane

Only in Canton could a protected bike lane become an all-out turf war because, my God, think of the parking. Who will think of the parking? Though the money had already been spent to install the damn thing, Canton residents went to Nixon levels of dirty tricks, including citing a part of the international fire code for emergency vehicle clearance that would almost certainly disqualify half the streets in the city from even having parking spots. Somehow, Mayor Catherine Pugh bought into this line of thinking, causing the activist group Bikemore to sue. Again, this was all to stop a lane dedicated to the people riding bikes—and to undo thousands of dollars of work in a city that’s starved for resources. Eventually, a deal was reached between the city and Bikemore, but all the drama and entitlement on display is still enough to make the blood boil.

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