Best Raven: Brandon Williams

Thought to be heading elsewhere in free agency, Williams, one of the best defensive linemen in all of football, instead signed a five-year, $52.5 million extension to stay in Baltimore. And he just restructured that deal, likely freeing up the Ravens to bring in another player. As anyone who remembers the vaunted defense from 2000 recalls, it’s the big guys doing the heavy lifting up front who free up the linebackers and defensive backs to make the highlight-reel plays. Williams has proven to be a great run stuffer, and the 2017 Ravens look to be bringing back the Baltimore tradition of a dominant defense in the still-young season. Also, Williams seems like a totally likeable dude, rocking an Incredible Hulk shirt at practice, posting goofy clips from the Ravens’ weight room on Instagram, and riding for the Maryland Food Bank. There are plenty of reasons to stop watching football in 2017, but Williams is the kind of guy all of Baltimore can get behind.

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