Best Rapper: Bandhunta Izzy

Twenty-year-old rapper Bandhunta Izzy’s massive, stomping ‘I Got It’ fits right in on 92Q between the radio hits you’ve heard hundreds of times over. His booming voice, which gets direct and in-your-face on the hook and more nimble on the verse—echoes of a recent street rap resurgence in lyricism thanks to artists such as Meek Mill, G Herbo, and WillThaRapper—makes him set to become Baltimore’s next big deal. While he’s out and about in Baltimore (including showing up on the cover of True Laurels and collaborating with Young Moose on ‘Want War’) and around the country, presumably being further courted by major labels, he also spends a great deal of his time writing and recording in the studio (he once spent 16 hours alone there in one session, he recently told City Paper) sharpening his skills.

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