Best Proposal to My Mom: “H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum presents: ‘The Treasures of New Galapagos, Astonishing Acquisitions from the Perisphere’” by Submersive Productions

Hi, Maura Callahan, CP’s Performing Arts Editor, here. So, I took my mom to this show at the Peale Museum and I lost her for maybe 20 minutes after the title character started flirting with her. I searched every floor of the Peale only to find her walking out of a private room, giggling uncontrollably, with a brand new rock on her ring finger. That mustachioed slimebag had lured her into his private “study” and apparently asked for her advice for dealing with his insomnia, and somehow from there segued into a proposal. I’m still uncomfortable just thinking about it, but kudos to the actor, Sarah Olmsted Thomas, for doing a whole act just to make my mom blush.

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