Best Live Act: Bond St. District

As the title suggests, “A Church On Vulcan,” the first full-length album from rap duo Bond St. District, weighs in on religion. For the album release show at Ottobar, Bond St. went all out, pulling together various rituals from religious ceremonies and using props to turn the stage into an altar. It all makes for quite a show. But even when the group isn’t using set pieces they play a tight set that packs all the energy of the recorded material and then some. Rapper DDm is engaging while bouncing around the stage running through his verses, and in between songs, he riffs on just about anything that comes to mind. At Hampdenfest, DDm and producer Paul Hutson were joined onstage by a live drummer and bassist/guitarist, giving their songs a fuller R&B sound. It was the perfect end to the day: shaking your ass as the sun set on The Avenue.

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